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We do not seem to have a developed sense of time that reveals itself in consciousness.  True, we often become aware that time has passed ; but that awareness is much more vague than our sense of, say, the distance between two objects that we have in view ; or of the direction and intensity of a sound.

Perhaps that is why we have a tendency to be less conscious of history than we are, say, of territory ; and why we are less conscious of our ancestors than we are of the people around us.  We almost all think of ‘society’ as those people who happen to be walking about at this moment.  The dead and the yet-to-be-born are ignored.

I’m reminded of words by that great Liberal, Chesterton, “I m a true democrat.  I believe that the dead should have a vote.”  Yes, and why not?  Was it not they who worked and often suffered to make the world which we enjoy?  Were their labours in vain?

So, while welcoming the chance to make the world a better place, I also welcome the chance to preserve and adapt the fruits of past centuries.  Change for the sake of change, or even change for the sake of a ‘good idea’, is simply vandalism and no democracy should countenance it.  Likewise, any change that does reckonable damage to our concept of the past is deplorable.

Just as people are not mere machines, so neither is a society or a nation.  Living things grow and adapt organically, from within ; and not mechanically by forces from without.


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It’s always risky to question the form of government that happens to be in place at a particular time. For example, if anybody had been rash enough to propose a liberal democracy at any time up to the eighteenth century, then a short stay in the Tower would have been the law’s reply. But are we any wiser today?

If an intelligent and humane person from any century prior to our own were to review the events of the past hundred years or so, they would very likely conclude that democracy seems to be a resounding failure in the West. “Wherever you look,” they would say, “You see dissolution and decay.”

The West is, by almost any measure, in the process of becoming stultified by self-indulgence, and is being taken over by more vigorous cultures which seek a greater wealth on behalf of their peoples – rather than at the behest of their peoples.

Our intelligent and humane ancestors would argue that, while people in general desire the betterment of their lives, they are hopelessly divided as to the means of securing it.  On the other hand, an absolute ruler, or a small aristocracy, can reach agreement on both aims and means, and can therefore deliver the goods.

Plato famously argued that democracy was merely the prelude to tyranny. Was he right? Where do we see signs of tyranny emerging in our own times?

P.S.  Yes, I am a democrat at heart.

Jamie MacNab

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I love my country.  Or, rather, I love my countries.  For, ancestrally, I am more than half Scottish, nearly half Irish, and with perhaps a little English filling the gaps.  But culturally, I am more English, because I was born and bred in England.  And, if you ask me about my nationality, I say without hesitation that I am British.  I am likely to explode if I am asked to define what Britishness is, because that is a facile question that has no answer.  I suspect and fear that it is a question that our politicians will be asking with increasing frequency from now on, in their attempts to evade responsibility for the desperate mess they have got us into with regard to the mass immigration that has occurred in recent years.

Did I say ‘occurred’?  Well, it now transpires that it didn’t merely ‘occur’, but eventuated from a deliberate policy of admitting very large and uncounted numbers of foreign people.  And all for the purposes of changing for ever the demographic composition of our country ; and all engineered in the interests of destroying our traditional culture so as to facilitate the construction of a politically correct one.  And, of course, the politics is derived from Marxism – the ideology that has probably caused more misery in the world than any other.

There is so much to be said about all this but, for now, I will only record my utter dismay that our politicians have sunk so low ; so low as to wish destruction on the well-springs of our freedoms.  And so low as to try to eliminate our traditions ; and so low as not even to consult us in the matter.  The actions of the NuLab government have been described as treasonous.  I have to agree with that.

Again for the record, I have travelled in many countries and have happily dwelt betimes among good people of many cultures ; but their cultures are not my cultures.

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