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Genesis 2

What is it that drives us to seek answers to ultimate questions?  If ever we were to discover the answer to a question such as, What is the origin of life?  –  what difference would it make to our lives?  In our everyday lives of work and love, fishing and gardening, what would we be doing that is different from what we’re doing now?  I wonder why we have such big thoughts at all.

The origin of the universe is interesting.  The popular notion now is that it all began with a Big Bang.  But nobody has ever seen what it was that went bang and nobody knows why it went bang ; or how.  It is like a penny banger without a blue touch-paper.  In fact it is even more interesting than that.  For that original entity apparently contained all that was needed to create the entire universe, and yet it could have had no mass ; for mass requires at least two entities.  It contained nothing, and yet it contained everything.  It had no dimensions in either space or time. It was invisible in both the literal and figurative senses.

Even more fascinating is that there was no other being to observe it, either on the inside or the outside.  It was all alone.

Even now, there is no shred of scientific evidence that this singular object existed except in the mind of Man. Why ought we believe it ever existed?  Does it matter?


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Bombs generally are unpleasant things ; that is why it is good to think about them.  A bomb going off in a remote and uninhabited place would attract little attention from the news media.  But a bomb exploding in a crowded public place would be of national and international concern ; it would be at least a nine-day wonder.  Which is why the astronomical Big Bang comes a such a surprise ; or at least the attention given to it is a surprise ; for it certainly occurred in a remote place.

For some theorists, the Big Bang – the biggest anyone can even hope to imagine – did indeed occur in a remote and uninhabited place.  There was no mortal wight present to hear it, or to see it, or to feel it.  Indeed, if modern beliefs are true, the explosion was causeless ; no trigger set it off.  No agent planted that bomb.

The nature of that Big Bomb is so secret that nobody can verify what it was made of ; its ingredients were never seen.  But it is surmised that it was a small device considering its evident great power.  It packed a lot of bang per buck, as we might say.

So, the Bomb went Bang, and the universe was set to create itself.  The stuff of that bomb expanded under its own motive forces ; and as it expanded, so it evolved ; The stuff settled down to what we nowadays call ‘matter’.  After many evolutions, it eventually settled into the state we describe as being made of elements – and of more complex assemblies called compounds.

These states of matter are the residues of the Big Bang.  The countless stars, and the equally countless galaxies to which they belong  are, like the debris, dust and smoke that are the aftermath of a man-made bomb going off in some remote and uninhabited place on Earth.  But we must add that the man-made bomb is designed to a purpose, whereas the Biggest Bomb of All was entirely accidental.

And of course to a modern thinker, the evolution of life in the universe is a continuation of the evolution of matter.  Life is no more than complex matter.  And so, if we are very modern thinkers, we may conclude with confidence that homo sapiens is also no more than the detritus of that Big Bomb.

I cannot help thinking that our very modern thinkers are being very bold when they assert that they (the dust and debris of the universe) have somehow unlocked the mysteries of that universe.  Who is to say that Man is privy to the Natural Secrets, while rabbits and beetles aren’t?

What  might a Being who lives a million light-years away say to that?

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